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Welcome to Edon, Ohio. Located in the northwest corner of the state, the village of Edon is a close-knit, rural community dedicated to providing its citizens with quality schools, a growing economy, and strong leadership for the future. As you explore the village's website, we invite you to discover what it is that makes Edon, Ohio someplace special.

Edon residents can now make credit and debit card payments through the office,

(pay location code) is 37467, click the image above to get started.


If there is a question, concern, or comment about the Village of Edon, please feel free to email or call the Village Administrator, Chad Ordway at 419-272-2152 or admin@edon-ohio.com Thank you to a wonderful community!

We have recently added a list of Codified Ordinances to the website, you can find the complete list under VILLAGE INFO or visit our new ZONING PAGE where you can download building permits or fence permits as well.

The Edon Village has prepared the following report to provide information to you, the consumer, on the quality of our drinking water. Included within this report is general health information, water quality test results, how to participate in decisions concerning your drinking water and water system contacts. To receive a hard copy of this report by mail, call Edon Village Offices @ 419-272-2152 or stop by at 108 E. Indiana St and a hard copy will made available.




2017 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report


Village Income Tax Forms

Employer's Withholding Reconciliation
Employer's Withholding - Quarterly

Williams County Community Resource Guide


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