March 15, 2021 Minutes

EDON  VILLAGE COUNCIL March 15th, 2021

The Edon Village Council met in regular session on March 15th, 2021.  Those present at the community building for in person and a teleconference meeting due to Covid19 were councilpersons Mike Lirot, Lee Lawrence, Brook Morris, Dave Loughborough, Dan Ankney, and Brandon Thiel.  Also present were Mayor – Duane Thiel, Village Administrator Chad Ordway, and Chief Szymczak, and Village Solicitor – Tom Thompson, and Jeremy Scott –Advanced Reporter via teleconference.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. A motion was made by Dan Ankney, seconded by Mike Lirot.  Roll Call was taken with Mike Lirot – yes, Lee Lawrence – yes, Brook Morris-yes, Brandon Thiel – yes, Dan Ankney – yes and Dave Loughborough – arrived later.   

The financial statements were approved. A motion was made from Brook Morris, seconded by Mike Lirot.  Roll Call was taken with Mike Lirot – yes, Lee Lawrence – yes, Brook Morris – yes, Dave Loughborough – arrived later, Dan Ankney- yes and Brandon Thiel – yes.    

The bills approved as paid with a motion from Brook Morris, seconded by Brandon Thiel.   Roll Call was taken with Mike Lirot – yes, Lee Lawrence – yes, Brook Morris – yes, Dave Loughborough – yes, Dan Ankney – not present, and Brandon Thiel – yes. 

Communications- none

Chief Szymczak was present for the police report for the month of January and nothing further to report. 

Safety- Dan Ankney stated that the Mayor and committee were in agreement to turn down the Sheriff’s offer for coverage.  No motion needed.

Cemetery – none

Park- Brook Morris gave an update from meeting.  Refer to the park board minutes.

Public Works – none

Finance – They will be meeting March 25th at 6:00 p.m.

Wage & Compensation – none

Zoning – They are waiting for info from MVPO.

Village Administrator Chad Ordway updated Council on issues and projects he is and will be working on through the month.  Admin. Ordway stated the contracts have been signed and delivered for the water line project.

 Old Business- none

New Business-

Dave Loughborough questioned about a homeless man wandering through the village.  What happens in these situations?  Police will try and help, sometimes by escorting him closer to his destination.

Dan Ankney made the motion to suspend the rules to pass Res. 01-21.  Seconded by Lee Lawrence.  Roll call was taken with Brook Morris – no, Dave Loughborough – no, Lee Lawrence – yes, Dan Ankney – yes, Brandon Thiel – yes, and Mike Lirot – yes.  Motion failed.  Dave Loughborough made the motion to pass the 1st reading of Res. 01-21 approving the Solid Waste Management Plan update for the Joint Solid Waste Management District of Defiance, Fulton, Paulding and Williams Counties, Ohio, seconded by Brook Morris.  Roll call was taken with Brook Morris – yes, Dan Ankney – yes, Brandon Thiel – yes, Mike Lirot – yes, Dave Loughborough – yes, Lee Lawrence – yes.

A question was brought up about the electric aggregation in Edon Village.  Administrator Ordway informed them that we are currently extending our contract with the same electric provider until September.  At that time Williams County’s contract is up and then we will proceed with whoever they choose to be their distributor.

Mayor Thiel discussed the Federal Equality Act and the changes they are supporting.  For example, men can play women’s sports and vice versa, any restroom can be used by any sex, he has urged the community to contact your Senators on how you support this piece of legislation.

The night ended with the discussion of the speed radar signs and where they should be placed.  Nothing decided in concrete as of yet.

The next council meeting will be April 19th, 2021.

David Loughborough made the motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Lee Lawrence. All ayes.

Heidi Bidwell, Clerk

Duane Thiel, Mayor

Contact Information

Chad Ordway
Administrator: 419-272-2152
Address: 108 E Indiana St PO Box 338 Edon, OH
Phone: 43518-0338Email:
Fax: 419-272-2249